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A full-service moving experience that helps you keep moving forward

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Piano Movers for When You Have to Take Your Prized Possession With You

Let’s face it. The idea of having to move your piano might be intimidating to you. But that’s exactly what we help you with at Make A Move. From helping you move upright to grand pianos without breaking a sweat.

Professional Piano Moving Is All About Planning Right!

And that’s what we specialize in. Planning is our forte and we spend all night creating a theory and arrive in the morning to put it into even better practice. That’s how we ensure that your prized possession remains safe and sound.

You’ve Got A Piano that Needs to Move. We’ve Got A Way to Move It!

Upright Pianos

Our experts help you move all four types of upright pianos without any hassle. We can move the following pianos for you:

  • Spinets
  • Studio
  • Classic Uprights
  • Console

Grand Pianos

Like performing like a grand maestro? Let us help you move your grand piano with you. We can move the following pianos:

  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Parlour Grand
  • Semi-Concert/Ballroom
  •  Concert Grand

Ready to Make A Move?

Reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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