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Make a Move Truck
Four men carrying a coffee table
moving guy in the kitchen
2 moving guys packing items
2 guys disassembling a bed frame
2 guys packing up the carpet
guy carrying a chair
A team of four packing and transporting boxes
guy labeling a box
guy using a drill to disasseble a chair
2 guys carrying a couch
Victorian style living room
Victorian style living room, an old-fashioned, domestic residential home interior. The interior room of a renovated and restored house with antique furniture and accessories. Classic, traditional furnishings define the space, in a horizontal format with no people.
guy placing a cushion inside a box
semi truck
semi truck
make a move - moving truck
two guys disassembling a bed frame
guy labeling a box
a group of 6 carrying a box
moving team huddle
two guys packing a mattress
woman in yellow carrying a box
a team of 4 moving personnel