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Connecting the dots for your move

Did you know Americans move an average of 12 times over the course of their lives? And moving across the state or country comes with its own unique challenges, which is why it’s helpful to rely on professional movers who have done it all before. At Make A Move Moving, we know you have a lot to organize, so we offer complete peace of mind with a service that surpasses expectations every time.

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Why Hire Professional Long Distance Movers?

Moving is always a grueling task, regardless of whether you’re moving down the street, across the city, or to the other side of the country. But long distance moves are particularly demanding and complex. Hiring professional movers is the best way to ensure your items arrive on time and in the same condition they left, without any of the hassle or headaches.

Here are the top reasons to hire our team of New York long distances movers:

1. Pristine Packing

Packing for a long-distance move requires careful planning and meticulous organization. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home only to realize your things are scattered throughout different boxes with little rhyme or reason. It’ll make settling in way harder than it needs to be. Our NYC long distance movers categorize, label, and pack your belongings so they can be easily identified and unloaded at your final destination. No more digging through boxes to find essential items or struggling to make your new space functional.

2. Insurance Coverage

When preparing for long distance moving, NYC residents should always consider the advantages of hiring professionals with extensive insurance coverage. You’ll be moving your entire life. It’s impossible to put a price tag on that. From priceless memories, like photo albums or a bottle of wine from your wedding, to expensive valuables, like musical instruments or baseball card collections, you want to take every possible precaution when moving the personal possessions that matter most to you. We have a comprehensive, full-coverage insurance policy that protects our customers in the unlikely event their items are lost, damaged, or stolen, so you never have to worry about paying out of pocket to replace your belongings.

3. Less Stress

There’s a lot more that goes into moving than just packing, loading, and unloading. You’ve got to find employment or start a new job, enroll your children in a new school, familiarize yourself with the town or city you’ll now be calling home, and much more. At Make a Move Moving, we understand how overwhelming the entire process can be. That’s why we go above and beyond to minimize stress for our valued customers. Whether it’s supplying packing materials so you don’t have to shop for them, disassembling furniture so you can focus on other obligations, or simply reassuring you we’ve got everything under control—we’re here to make moving as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s what makes us the best long distance movers in NYC!

4. Specialized Equipment

Professional long distance movers come prepared with tools, techniques, and resources that make moving a breeze, including dollies, hand trucks, ramps, and moving blankets. Renting or buying these pieces of equipment would cost homeowners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But by hiring our long distance movers, NYC residents can keep more cash in their pockets. Having access to these tools is a built-in expense for our company, so we always have them on board our moving trucks, ready to be used. You never bear the burden of paying for them, and you won’t be billed extra for the use of these items.

5. Regulatory Compliance

Moving across the state or international borders entails navigating the regulations and legal requirements of each location. Our moving professionals are familiar with the permits, licenses, and paperwork that must be obtained and filed to maintain compliance. They deal with these obligations all the time! By hiring our long distance movers, NYC homeowners (or renters) can avoid hours of researching legal requirements and re-submitting forms. We handle all of these details as part of our moving services!

As you can see, there are a wide range of benefits associated with hiring professionals for your long distance residential move. If you’re ready to take the stress out of your upcoming relocation, just give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.

Five steps to a stress-free move

Your to-do list will pile up fast when dealing with long-distance moving, so let our team take over and make the process worry-free. We offer customized long-distance relocation support from packing to move to the last item unpacked in your new space.

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Where we travel

As New York long distance movers, we offer daily and bi-weekly relocation services out of state. Take a look at where we go to see how we can help with your long-distance move.

Daily relocation:

  • Upstate New York
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • Virginia

Weekly trips:

  • Illinois
  • West Virginia
  •  Ohio
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Florida

We care about every last detail, including how you sleep while your mattress is in transit. You’ve already search for “long distance movers near me nyc” and found us. Why not call for a comfortable experience during your long-distance move.

What Can We Move?

It’s always essential to have a clear understanding of which household items your moving company is capable of relocating for you. Here’s a quick overview of the primary items we move:

1. Large Appliances

We are happy to move major appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and ovens. These items are difficult to maneuver and pose a hazard in terms of lifting, so we always advise against attempting to move them on your own. We’ll come prepared with hand trucks, harnesses, and other equipment—protecting our safety and yours.

2. Specialty Items

One of our favorite parts of being a moving business is seeing all the unique and unusual items our customers hire us to move. From fish aquariums to vintage arcade games, sports memorabilia, wine collections, taxidermy, and almost anything in between—we consider these surprises to be a perk of the job. If you have rare or curious items, simply request a free estimate. We’ll make every effort to accommodate them!

3. Heavy Furniture

There’s no denying that when making the decision to hire long distance movers, New York homeowners are heavily influenced by the thought of not having to move heavy furniture on their own. It’s exhausting! We’re happy to remove all that sweating and struggling from your plate. In fact, our movers enjoy the workout. Plus, they’ve got the skills and experience needed to turn hard work into light work.

4. Home Gym Equipment

Treadmills, elliptical machines, weight benches, and other home gym equipment can be a giant pain to move. They’re clunky, awkward to carry, and super-hefty. But, you guessed it—we don’t mind! We’ll carefully disassemble your equipment, ensuring all components are appropriately labeled and organized, and use high-quality padding and specialized packing materials to keep every element safe during travel.

5. Fragile China and Glassware

We understand fine china and other dinnerware hold both sentimental and monetary value. That’s why we carefully assess and take inventory of your items prior to packing or relocating them. We’ll wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper, foam, or bubble wrap, to cushion it against potential impacts. Then we’ll place each wrapped piece in specialized dish pack boxes designed to provide maximum protection. 

Interested in having us move an item that isn’t listed above? Reach out to us today. One of our friendly representatives will let you know if it’s on our approved items list.

Hit the road with our long-distance services

Consolidated shipping

Consolidated shipping means we group your belongings with other clients going to the same destination. This is a highly cost-effective way to execute a long-distance move. Our consolidated shipping services are always:

  •  Flexible
  • Affordable
  •  Consistent
  •  Reliable
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Exclusive express long-distance relocation

Enjoy exclusive express delivery to the locations where we offer daily relocation. Our movers can add a touch of rocket fuel to your move, expediting delivery and over-delivering whether yours is a short-haul or long-distance move.

make a move semi truck

Reliable is our middle name!

moving team and project manage

We offer instant support for better planning and peace of mind. You have the option to request a Make a Move project manager for an easy relocation every step of the way.

When you work with us, you always know what you’re receiving: reliable, expert support staff, movers, and packers. We know that the difference between a good move and a fantastic one is in the planning, professional recommendations and helpful team. That’s why we’re there every step of the way, ensuring you have complete peace of mind and managing any obstacles as they arise.

Your move is our story, so we listen to you and include your input as we develop every aspect of your custom plan, from your budget and schedule down to every concern or last-minute change.

We pack, you relax

Let us take care of it

Our team of long distance movers in NYC take the stress out of packing. When it comes to packing up your life, we know every item is valuable. So we can deliver all the right materials to make sure each one is completely safe throughout the journey. Or if you’d prefer, we can take on all the packing ourselves, ensuring everything is secure for your move. We can even work on partial packing support if that’s what you need.

Our packing solutions are completely customized to you, your budget and your schedule. As a professional moving company, you can count on us for cutting-edge equipment, experience, and dedication to safety and security. For a long-distance move that goes to plan, work with Make a Move Moving.

Try Our Specialist Services

We care about providing customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. It’s all part of what separates us from other long distance moving companies in NYC. 

Here’s an overview of our optional add-on services:

Piano Moving

This specialized service is all about ensuring the safe transportation of your cherished instrument. To begin, we’ll do a thorough assessment of your piano, taking into account its size, weight, age, and any other specific considerations. Then we’ll disassemble it, carefully removing the legs, pedals, and other detachable components, before generously wrapping it in protective materials to safeguard against scratches or dents. Your piano is then expertly loaded onto one of our trucks and secured in place to prevent shifting throughout the journey. Upon delivery, we’ll reassemble it and ensure your prized possession is ready to make music in your new home.

White Glove and Fine Art Moving

In some cases, our customers are looking for more than the average moving experience. They’re looking for VIP treatment, wanting each of their belongings to be handled with the highest level of care, consideration, and correctness. We intentionally offer our white glove and fine art service to these customers.

We’ll start by meeting with you to gain a clear understanding of your expectations for your move. This is when we’ll make a note of any delicate or fragile items that require special attention and determine if you’ll need custom crating for unique and oversized items, such as sculptures or chandeliers, to keep them protected and secure during transport.

We can also assist with the installation of electronics, appliances, and other household items at your new home, ensuring everything is placed according to your precise instructions.

It’s genuinely a top-of-the-line moving experience!

Temporary or Long-Term Storage

We understand that sometimes customers need a bit of flexibility with their storage options. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered whether you require temporary storage during your transition or a long-term solution due to unexpected circumstances. Our secure and climate-controlled storage facilities are designed to keep your items safe and in excellent condition. And did we mention our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, including surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems, for the utmost protection? It’s just one more way we take care of our valued customers.

The Make a Move Promise

1. Custom Moving Plans

When you decided to start looking for long distance moving companies in New York, were you hoping for a one-size-fits-all solution? We’re willing to bet you weren’t. Your home, your belongings, and your moving requirements are all unique. So why shouldn’t your moving plan be the same? At Make a Move Moving, we work closely with you to assess your specific needs, taking into account factors such as the size of your home, the distance of the move, and any special items you may have. Then we create a plan that perfectly meets your requirements. No more wasting your money on services you don’t really need!

2. No Hidden Fees

If you’re making the decision to hire movers long distance in NYC, you likely have a specific budget in mind. Moving is expensive, after all, so it helps to be clear about what you are and are not willing to spend. The problem? Many moving companies tack on hidden fees after they quote your move, and in many cases, you don’t find out about these fees until it’s too late. Unless, of course, you hired us! We never add unexpected expenses to your bill—and that’s a promise! The price we provide on your estimate is what you’ll pay. And if, in the rare chance, there’s an unanticipated issue that arises, we’ll discuss any associated costs with you before adjusting your moving plan so you decide whether or not you want to incur the extra charge.

3. GPS Tracking

It’s nerve-wracking knowing your personal belongings are out there somewhere, on the open road and in someone else’s care. We completely understand why you’d feel a bit uneasy about it. In fact, that’s precisely why we implemented GPS tracking technology to provide our customers with added peace of mind. It allows you to track your shipment in real time, so you always know exactly where your items are and how long it will take until they arrive.